Engagement List

21st December 2019 (Saturday) Wedding, Mount Barker (solo piper)

18th-19th January 2020 (Saturday-Sunday) PBSA Summer School for Piping and Drumming.

29th February 2020 (Saturday) Relay for Life, Wayville Showgrounds.

6th March 2020 (Friday) Wedding, Longview Winery, McLaren Vale

9th March 2020 (Monday) Government House Adelaide.

13th March 2020 (Friday) St. Peter’s Cathedral, North Adelaide.

5th April 2020 (Sunday) Glenbarr, Strathalbyn.

14th June 2020 (Sunday) Tartan Day Parade, Adelaide.

16th June – 5th July 2020 – Nova Scotia International Tattoo, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

18th September 2020 (Friday) Phoebe Groth’s Wedding, Longview Winery, McLaren Vale.


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