2020 – ANZAC Day

Lest we Forget

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic all ANZAC Day parades were cancelled leaving Band Members commemorating the day on a local level in their own street.

6am at Jeannette Macdonald, the Chief of The Royal Caledonian Society of South Australia’s residence in Hahndorf.

6am at a nursing home in Hahndorf, Mel Inglis plays Amazing Grace.

Jason Graefling at 6am in Glenelg North.

Rob Howie out the front with Sony boom box playing last post and revele at 0600 with family and neighbors.

11am Big Dan at Crafers.

11am Mel Inglis in Hahndorf.

11am Alex Roberts & Kate Kreig in the front yard.

Carolyn MacDonald. This one with social distance was taken by the Sunday Mail and posted on the web under Daily Telegraph. With about a dozen neighbours there Carolyn played Amazing Grace, they all said the Ode of Remembrance then Carolyn played the national anthem.

Carolyn MacDonald

Ron Halliday on pipes and Chris Hart on side drum started proceedings with a powerful rendition of Amazing Grace, followed by The Ode of remembrance .

Resplendent in full McGregor tartan and sporting a new white beard Ron Holliday led a stirring front gate ceremony on Anzac Day.


Ron’s son in law, David Healy a trumpeter, then played The Last Post in a poignant lead into a minute’s silence as those watching fell quiet as they remembered those who died in war.

The reveille followed from the trumpeter. Ron then played the pipes again followed by the trio leaving to the drums and bagpipe rendition of the of the Black Bear, a bagpipe tune used when regiments and battalions return to barracks.

About 50 locals and friends gathered on both sides of the street in Folkstone Rd. South Brighton to witness the dignified event. The appreciative crowd clapped them as they left.

Ian Richardson at Kingswood.

Don McQueen of Fullarton.